Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Glotech are still processing orders and delivering safely to our customers. Our teams will be following government guidelines and company procedures including wearing disposable gloves, maintaining 2m social distancing and regularly washing their hands. Read More

About Kits

Accessory kits mainly cover 3 areas. Manufacturer specific ducting kits/pipes, microwave fitting kits and stacking kits. The ducting items are manufacturer specific ducting parts which can be used to vent air from a cooker hood to outside. The microwave fitting kits are kits which you use to build a specific model in to an available kitchen unit.

Finally the stacking kits are kits which are used to stack 2 appliances (normally a washing machine and tumble dryer) on top of each other, which is very space efficient as It reduces the amount of floorspace needed for the machines.