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Baumatic delivers functional beautiful appliances for the home. A pioneer in kitchen appliance design, Baumatic offers fashion first, providing new aesthetic concepts to help decorate and individualise any style of kitchen. Our Baumatic appliances are packed with the sort of useful features that you desire, to make life in the kitchen a little easier.

Glotech & Baumatic

Glotech are Baumatic approved retailers and have a wide selection of free standing and built in appliances displayed in our showrooms.

Our expertise in all things Baumatic ensures you get the best service and appliances for your requirements.

For all Baumatic questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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The fantastic Baumatic brochure highlights everything there is about Baumatic appliances.

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The Baumatic Appliance Range

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Baumatic appliances offer a number of energy-saving features that can help you to control the money that you spend on the cooking, cooling, drying and dishwashing process. Most of the energy-saving features that we offer are either exclusive to Baumatic, or have been modified by us to ensure that they are both affordable and cost-effective.