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Built-in ovens offer a sleek and stylish finish to your kitchen, allowing them to be integrated in to the kitchen cupboards providing both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Built-in ovens can be bought as normal built-in's (which sit around eye level to avoid having to bend down to use the oven) or as built-under machines (these are made to sit in a unit under a counter, so are great for kitchens which are tight on space.)

Built-In Single Ovens: These selection of ovens will all need to be built-in to the kitchen units to be used and can come as either gas fuelled or electric fuelled. The standard size for a built-in oven is 60cm wide x 60cm high, but you can find ovens outside of these dimensions if need be.

Built-In Double Ovens: As the name suggest these are larger versions of a single oven which generally consist of having 2 cooking zones instead of just the 1. They can come as either gas or electric fuelled.

Built-In Steam Ovens: Steam ovens vaporise water and use that steam to cook your food. This tends to allow for a more moist finish to the food compared to traditional ovens which can dry out the food. Being cooked this way also means the food tends to retain its flavour and texture better than a traditional oven would.