St/Steel (21)
Red (1)
Black (7)
White (1)
54.8 (1)
55 (5)
56.7 (2)
56.8 (1)
71.5 (2)
88 (1)
88.8 (5)
89 (1)

About Built-In Double Ovens

Not only do built-in double ovens offer more space than a standard single oven, but also offer more flexibility in cooking due to having 2 different cooking zones available to choose and control separately.

They come as either a standard built-in (which can be fit in to a unit at eye level which makes them easier to operate as you don't need to bend down) or as a built-under (which is one that is built to fit under a worktop). Built-unders are great especially if you're short on space and can't fit a complete unit in your kitchen but are not as convenient as a standard built-in due to the oven always needing to be operated by kneeling down or bending over.