At first glance it can seem like there are a lot of options for which type of hob you want to buy but once you break it down it's not as daunting as it first seemed as each type has a very specific use.

  • Gas Hobs: This is the most classic and well know fuel type for a hob. They are easy to use and you can easily tell when a hob ring is on/off and what power level it is just by glancing at the flame. It is also the best type of hob to get if you do a lot of wok cooking as the flame gives great heat distribution around the shape of the wok. As it is a gas fuel type, it would need to be installed by a gas safe engineer.

  • Electric Hobs: These are the entry level hobs that are especially popular among landlords. They are easy to use, cost effective and practical.

  • Induction Hobs: The most recent type of hob fuel type and has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. Induction hobs use special technology that heats the pan directly instead of the hob top (which does mean special induction pan sets are required). By heating the pan directly this means that not only does it heat up quicker but it also means the hob top doesn't get anywhere near as hot as a normal ceramic or gas hob would making it a much safer option.

  • Ceramic Hobs: The flat surface of a ceramic hob means that not only does it look sleek and aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen, it is also easy to clean as there is no need to clean pan stands or having to get in all the creases around the burners which you normally have to do with a gas or electric hob. As well as this, they are easy to use due to the simple yet practical controls.

  • Domino Hobs: Perfect for if your short on space or just don't feel the need to have 4+ burners. Domino hobs are generally a 1 or 2 burner hob and can be purchased in different fuel types. In addition to this you can get specific domino hobs that serve a purpose apart from just being a burner such as a fryer hob, a teppan yaki or an wok hob designed specifically for induction.

  • Dual Fuel Hobs: There are only a few available, but they are great for if you want a combination of multiple fuel types while only having the one hob installed and not having to worry about installing multiple hobs in to the same worktop.