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About Chimney Hoods

Chimney hoods are the most popular type of hood we sell. The majority of them come in a sleek stainless steel or black finish, but if that's not your type then you can find other coloured ones, but there won't be as much choice.

Width wise you will be looking at getting a hood anywhere from 50 to 150cm wide with 60cm, 90cm and 100cm being the most popular and common available.

When positioning your hood you will need to think about whether you will want it extracting air via ducting or recirculation mode. If you have it in recirculation mode then it will use charcoal filters to purify and recirculate the extracted air back in to the room. If you use it in ducted mode (recommended wherever possible) then the air will be extracted through a ducting system and fed out through a vent to an outside wall. The major downside to ducting is purely that you need to be close enough to a wall outside so that the ducting can be efficient.

Most are finished in stainless steel, but black and other colours are available. If you need help installing a chimney cooker hood please read our Cooker Hood Installation Guide