The 3 main fridge types we have available are wine coolers, freestanding fridges and integrated fridges.

Wine Cooler: A Wine Cooler is exactly what you imagine it is. It is a fridge specifically designed for the purpose of storing wine bottles in. Not only are they created to run at the optimal conditions to store wine but they also provide a visually appealing way to have your wine well presented while keeping them ready for consumption.

Freestanding Fridges: These are designed to stand alone and don't need any kind of unit to sit in. There is a wide range of freestanding fridges to choose from which can range all the way from short fridges designed to sit under a counter all the way up to freestanding side by side American style's so you can be sure to find something to fit your available space.

Integrated Fridges: The most visually appealing way to have a fridge in your kitchen will be with an integrated fridge. Being integrated means that it will be built in to a specifically designed kitchen unit which will have your own door attached to the outside of the fridge so that it will have a clean, sleek finish which will match the style of the rest of the kitchens design.