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We are opening our showrooms again on 12th April and will continue to follow strict government guidelines. We are still processing orders via phone and the web site and our delivery and installation service is operating normally. Our installation team are COVID-19 tested twice a week to protect our customers. Read More

Our showrooms are open but you can still visit us virtually by clicking the link below:

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About Dual Fuel Range Cookers

As a rule of thumb generally cookers wider than 70cm are deemed as range cookers. With multiple ovens and burner positions on the hob, they give the chef the space and ability to cook lots of food in one go. The dual fuel range cookers offers ease of the flexibility of a gas hob coupled with the efficiency of electric ovens.

Dual fuel range cookers are obviously far more expensive but they come with many more features for the user. They make a fantastic focal point in a kitchen and perfect for large family gatherings.

A dual fuel range cooker uses both gas and electricity and needs a gas supply together with an electrical supply suitable for your chosen model. Dual fuel is by far the most popular choice of range cooker because it offers both options combining the ease and responsiveness of a gas hob with the speed and efficiency of electric ovens.

Dual fuel range cookers can also be used with LPG via a LPG conversion kit. These normally come with the range cooker itself but it's always a good idea to check with the manufacturer whether this is supplied.

Be sure to read our Essential Guide To Buying A Range Cooker before making your purchase.