About Gas Range Cookers

Gas range cookers are an attractive and sought after cooking appliance, which are popular in the home. We supply a wide range of styles, colours and brands to suit any type of kitchen, from modern to traditional. Our range cookers are a stand out piece in any kitchen.

One advantage of purchasing a gas range cooker is that they are inexpensive to use. Gas is the cheapest fuel to cook with. Additionally, gas hobs provide instant heat, which is perfect for saving time and allows for quick cooking. The dials are easy to adjust, allowing you to vary the temperature with ease, and cook at the perfect heat. Gas range cookers will need to be installed by a gas safe engineer.

Many of our gas cookers come with catalytic liners, which are ideal for saving time when cleaning the oven. The catalytic liners work by absorbing grease and spillages, and so take the stress out of cleaning. In addition, the majority of our gas range cookers are multifunction, with a variety of different settings to choose from, such as the defrost setting for defrosting small items like fish, meat and desserts. Also, you can crisp up pizza bases and quiche bases with the handy base setting, as well as brown pasta dishes and sauces using the browning element. These clever designs save time in the kitchen and make cooking an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

Range cookers are perfect for entertaining with their large oven capacity, which is on average twenty percent larger than a 60cm built-in oven, and clever cooking programmes. They come with up to eight cooking zones, as well as up to two ovens, allowing you to cook several dishes at a time. They also often include a handy storage compartment.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective, spacious and sophisticated cooking devise, a gas range cooker would be well suited to you.

Be sure to read our Essential Guide To Buying A Range Cooker before making your purchase.