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Washer dryers give you the option of having your clothes washed, dried and ready to wear with just a push of a button- a huge convenience for most families these days. However the main drawback with washer dryers is that some machines can only dry half the load they have washed - as the drying action operates on the condensor principle.

With so many options in the market, you can choose a washer dryer that is exactly right for your needs. When buying a new machine, decide upon the capacity first - which is expressed in Kilogram loading capacity. Big families with kids should invest in bigger machines with a capacity of 7kg and above. Since this is a long-term investment, one should plan for the next 7-10 years while choosing the capacity.

Today, apart from the basic features, washer dryers come with many advanced settings and specifications. A good washer dryer has at least two speed settings so one can sort and wash the delicates separately. Those who are eco-conscious can also have their pick. Washer dryers are rated on a scale of A-G, with the A-rated ones being the most energy efficient. Those with sensitive skin might prefer machines that have the option to choose an extra rinse cycle to get rid of detergents more effectively. Smart machines may also have moisture sensors that monitor the level of moisture in clothes and ensure that they are not over-dried. Busy households will love the 'Start Delay' option as it enables one to set a time when the machine will automatically start operating. This means you can even get your laundry done at night or while you are at work! The steam function is another helpful feature as it prevents clothes from getting too wrinkled.

With so many options available, there's something for everybody in the market. You can look through all the options we have here and choose the machine that best suits your needs - now and for the next several years.