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Cooker hood ducting is a vital part to the kitchen that is often forgotten about, by installing the correct extractor ducting you will have a quiet, odour and condensation free kitchen.

It's much more efficient than cooker hood filters and will never need replacing!

There are two main products, the ducting kits and the individual parts. All EasiDuct ventilation kits are universal and will work on any machine (as so long as the size matches), they are very affordable and cheaper than the genuine alternative.

ducting kits

Ducting Kits

Ducting Kits are a great place to start cheap, simple, easy and better more the cheapest option.

ducting parts

Ducting Parts

Cooker Hood Ducting Parts - All the individual parts you'll ever need. From accesories to a wall outlet.

ducting kits

150mm Ducting

We sell all your 6" ducting needs, from rigid flat channel, rigid round and flexible to 150mm wall oulets.

ducting guide

Ducting Guides

Ducting Made Easy. From quick to indepth guide to ducting. To aid you in your cooker hood ventilation.

Ducting Examples

It's so vital that your kitchen extractor is ducted and we can supply any ducting part you'll need. We specialise in 150mm (6") cooker hood ducting to get that perfect installation. You may also wish to consider a ducting kit (that come complete with installing instructions, please also have a look at EasiDuct's extensive range of bends, connectors, adaptors and clips may added to your kit or purchased separately.), but do have a look at our example installations above.

Top Tips for using our site

  • Read our short guide
  • Have a look at our example setups
  • Each product page has the list of other parts that fit directly together, that way you know what fits and what doesn’t!
  • Make sure you use ducting sealant for that airtight professional finish

Top advantages for buying ducting from Glotech

  • Almost all items kept in stock for super fast delivery
  • Top quality products – EasiDuct is made from the highest quality plastics and won’t bend or flex from the heat from your cooker neither will the wall outlets fade from sun light!
  • We keep all ducting sizes including 150mm (6" inch 150 ducting) flat channel and round ducting, rigid ducting tubes or flexible hoses. We also sell 100mm (4" inch 100 ducting) and 125mm (5" inch 125 ducting).