Here you can purchase our EasiSeal products, for that professional finish! These product provide the perfect finish to your cooker hood ducting setup. By using the correct sealant your ducting system will be more efficient and quieter.

Easiseal - Ducting Sealant
Product Solution Spec Product Image Product Application Description
DDSEAL - Ducting Sealant EasiDuct Plastic Ducting Sealant 310 ml cartridge, white. Working temp. up to 75°C

If a round or rectangular rigid duct system needs to be permanently sealed, the recommended solution would be to use NEW EasiDuct Plastic Ducting Sealant.

It has been designed specifically to provide a professional airtight and secure seal between plastic ventilation ducts and fittings.

Importantly, it is solvent-free and will not attack adjacent sensitive surfaces.

EasiDuct Plastic Ducting Sealant incorporates nonhazardous, mould-resistant fungicides and also being a water-based formulation, any excess can be easily wiped away with a sponge and warm water.

In some situations it may be prudent to provide greater mechanical strength to a joint by using a combination of EasiDuct Plastic Ducting Sealant and EasiDuct PVC Ducting Sealing Tape.

1234 - Ducting Tape EasiDuct PVC Duct Sealing Tape 50mm wide, white, wipe-clean (4.6m)

When a semi-permanent seal is required or it is not practical to use a sealant, such as when making a rectangular flexible hose joint, EasiDuct PVC Duct Sealing Tape should be applied.

It has been designed to offer both good mechanical strength and a clean, white, tidy finish.