Choosing a ducting kit is the easiest and cheapest way to duct your cooker hood

They come with everything you will need and are available in different sizes and shapes. The first step to make before choosing which kit you need is finding out what size outlet your cooker hood extractor has.

This can be found by looking in the manufacturers' brochures, the product manual or if you're buying a new hood from Glotech, we've done all the hard work for you and tell you what kits fit your cooker hood. We have everything you need for your ducting supplies.

Cooker Hood Ducting generally have 3 different sizes of outlets 100mm (4"), 125mm (5") and 150mm (6"). Some of our kits use flat channel ducting, though they don't measure 4inch, 5inch or 6inch we say it is that size as it's designed for the air output for that size outlet, from the cooker hood.

When it comes to ducting Glotech are one of the top ducting suppliers online.

Kits we offer

  • 100mm (4")
    Suitable for small cooker hoods and tumble dryers
  • 125mm (5")
    Suitable for most cooker hoods
  • 150mm (6")
    Suitable for all cooker hoods and a must have for high power extraction units. (Recommended)

Generally our vent kits come in two style, the first being a small flexible plastic ducting type for hoods that are on an external wall. They include everything you need to duct straight out the wall.The flex ducting type is generally the more popular used.

The next type of kit is for more complicated ducting runs, that may require running along the top of cupboards and that are not near an external wall then these kits are perfect for you.

Just remember you may wish to add individual ducting parts to your order so have a look at what we offer. Have a look at our ducting accessories page, this contains the sealsent that connects all the ducting together for a perfect airtight professional finish.