Ducting comes in many different shapes and sizes and here at Glotech we have everything you'll need to duct your cooker hood.

Cooker Hood's generally have 3 different sizes of outlets 100mm (4"), 125mm (5") and 150mm (6").

Before you buy any extractor ducting you need to find out what size ducting fits your kitchen extractor hood. This can be found by looking in the cooker hood manufacturers brochures, the product manual or if your buying a new hood from Glotech we've done all the hard work for you and tell you what kits fit your machine.

From our Quick Guide to Ducting we know that its best to keep it round tubes, but this isn't always possible so we offer flat rectangle ducting. Here you'll find that right ducting part your after.

Remember rigid piping is always best and try to only use flexible on short runs to avoid obstacles. We also strongly recommend 150mm (6" - 6 inch ) ducting for a quieter for efficient cooker hood.

Ducting Shape ranges