Welcome to our EasiFlex section. EasiFlex is our flexible ducting and is the ideal for using over short distance to avoid obstacles. Here we sell all the different lengths and accessories to use flexible ducting in your setup. Though in an ideal world you wouldn't need it!

EasiFlex comes in three different sizes and in two different shapes. We have flat rectangular and round all available in sizes 100mm (4"), 125mm (5") and 150mm (6"). However in the case of the flat rectangle ducting they don't measure 4", 5" or 6" however we still say it is they are that size as it's designed for the air flow output for that size outlet. The actual dimensions are below.

Remember it is important to use the ducting size stated by the manufacturer, please refer to our Quick Ducting Guide to find out how to find this.

There are converters that can go between these different sizes, however only go up a size not down, as this could void your warranty!

Easiflex Sizes

Outlet Size Round Flexible Ducting Hose Flat Rectangle Flexible Ducting Hose
EasiFlex 100 EasiFlex 100 - 4inch Hose Round EasiFlex 100 - 4inch Hose Rectangle
EasiFlex 125 EasiFlex 125 - 5inch Hose EasiFlex 125 - 5inch Hose
EasiFlex 150 EasiFlex 150 - 6inch Hose EasiFlex 150 - 6inch Hose