Welcome to our EasiPipe section. EasiPipe is round rigid ducting and is the ideal product to be using. Here we sell all the individual parts that make up a cooker hood ducting installation, from straight tubes to elbows, you can find it all here.

EasiPipe comes in two different sizes 125mm (5") and 150mm (6"). Remember it is important to use the ducting size stated by the manufacturer, please refer to our Quick Ducting Guide to find out how to find this.

There are converters that can go between these different sizes, however only go up a size not down, as this could void your warranty!

Image Type Info Cross section Pipe weight Pipe Wall Thickness Core Drill Size
EasiPipe 125 - 5inch Piping Pipe internal dimensions are 125mm (5") and fit over system parts spigot 12266 sq mm 830 g/m 1.66mm approx. Use 132mm diameter
EasiPipe 150 - 6inch Piping Pipe internal dimensions are 150mm (6") and fit over system parts spigots 980 g/m 830 g/m 1.75mm approx. Use 162mm diameter