Choosing a ducting kit is the easiest and cheapest way to duct your cooker hood.

This page has our 100mm ducting kits, generally these vent kits are for tumble dryer and low power cooker hoods. All of our universal ducting kits come with fixing kits and instructions in every box. Please look below to see which parts make up our 4" kits.

If your hood is on an external wall then the GT41 kit is perfect for you. They include everything you need to duct straight out the wall. For more complicated ducting runs, that may require running along the top of cupboards then the GT43 kit will be perfect for you.

To find out if your cooker hood has a 100mm 4 inch outlet check the manufacturers' brochures, the product manual or if you’re buying a new hood from Glotech we've done all the hard work for you and tell you what kits fit your machine. You may also wish to have a look at the other sizes available 125mm (5") or 150mm (6"). Some of our kits use rigid flat channel ducting, though they don't measure 4", 5" or 6" we still say it is they our that size as it's designed for the air output for that size outlet.

100mm (4") Ducting Kits - excellent for small cooker hoods and tumble dryers
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Available in different colours:
Example Installation: GT61
GT41B Brown £14
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GT41C Cotswold £14
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GT41T Terracotta £14
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GT41W White £14
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100mm Flat Rigid Ducting
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050 EasiFlat 100 - 100mm (4") 90 Deg Bend Horizontal. Cut out: 110 x 54mm £6
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100mm Outlets Ducting
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4900C EasiOuts 100 - 100mm (4") Wall Outlet Grav Flaps Cotswold 8 £5
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4900T EasiOuts 100 - 100mm (4") Wall Outlet Grav Flaps Terracotta 0 £1.99
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4900W EasiOuts 100 - 100mm (4") Wall Outlet Gravity Flaps White 0 £1.99
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4905W EasiOuts 100 - 100mm (4") Louvred Grille White 19 £6
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