150mm MegaDuct is the ulimate in cooker hood ducting and the largest size of extractor ducting we sell. 6 Inch ducting allows more dirty from you kitchen to be sent out quicker and more quietly. If you have the smaller 4" or 5" it is recommended to convert upto the 6" as your hood will work much better and much more quieter.

This page holds every 6" product we sell. Starting at the 150mm ducting kits and ending with the 150mm Outlets. Ducting Kits are the best place to start but, if your after a more customer installation of 6 inch ducting then have a look at the flat and rigid pipes. 150mm - 6" Round Rigid Ducting is the best ducting to have, if you can fit it? If space is an issue the Flat Rigid is a great alternative.

150mm (6") suitable for all cooker hoods and a must have for high power extraction units. (Recommended)

round ducting
150mm (6") - GT61
round ducting
150mm (6") - GT62
150mm Ducting Kits
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GT61 EasiDuct - 150mm (6") Kit Round Hose 1.5m 0 £19
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GT61B Easiduct - 150mm (6 inch) 0 £18
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GT62T Easiduct - 150mm (6") Kit Flat Channel 3m Terracotta 0 £55
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GT62W Easiduct - 150mm (6") Kit Flat Channel 3m White 1 £57
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150mm Flat Rigid Ducting

Key Points

  • Flat channel outer dimensions are 220 x 90mm and fit INTO systems parts sockets
  • Minimum Space Required for Installation: 227 x 97mm Cross Section: 17798 sq mm
  • Highly recommended for all cooker hoods even the latest the latest high powered hoods that can exceed extraction rates 1000 m3/hr
  • Suitable for long ducting runs
  • Easier to conceal than an equivalent 150mm round duct
  • Made from self extinguishing flame retardant materials to conform to fire standards UL94 V2 and DIN 4102 B1
  • Maximum working temperature of 60°C
  • A range of bends and adapters enables versatile installation
  • Compatible with a large selection of outlets and other EasiDuct ducting systems