What is a heat pump dryer?

Heat pump dryers - what are they?

Introduction to heat pump dryers

Heat pump dryers make use of good technology to make condensor dryers more effecient and environmentally friendly.

An ‘A’ rated heat pump tumble dryer is the perfect choice if you are looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly dryer with reduced energy consumption. With an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency and no need for external vents, heat pump dryers are environmentally friendly, cost effective and suitable for every home.

How do they work?

Heat Pump Dryer Diagram

Traditional condenser dryers draw air from the room to cool the hot air that has passed through the drum and remove the moisture that has been extracted from your clothes.

Heat pump dryers, on the other hand, use a closed circuit system with a heat pump to rapidly cool the hot air as it leaves the drum. As the air is cooled, the moisture that has been removed from your clothes is condensed. This air is then quickly reheated and passed back through the drum to continue the drying process.

By using this closed air circuit, air is efficiently recycled and energy is conserved within the drying system. In doing so heat pump dryers use much less energy to dry your clothes than a conventional dryer.

Advantages of heat pump dryers

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