Design Ceramic glass on stainless steel trim 80 cm: space for 4 pots or pans. Flexibility of cooking zones 2 Flex Induction Zones with extended flex: use cookware of any shape or size anywhere within the 40cm long zone or even place it laterally. Cooking zones will be automatically joined or separated based on the shape and size of the cookware placed. Cooking zone front left: 200 mm, 230 mm, 2.2 KW (max. power 3.7 KW) Cooking zone rear left: 200 mm, 230 mm, 2.2 KW (max. power 3.7 KW) Cooking zone rear right: 200 mm, 230 mm , 2.2 KW (max power 3.7 KW) Cooking zone front right: 200 mm, 230 mm, 2.2 KW (max. power 3.7 KW) Usage convenience TwistPad Fire: directly control the power with the illuminated and removable magnetic dial. Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone: precisely adapt the heat with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels). Keep warm function: keep dishes warm at preset low power level. Timer with automatic shut off for all zones : switches off the cooking zone at the end of the time set (e.g. for boiled eggs). LED timer for each zone with switch off function and acoustic signal : an alarm sounds at the end of the time set (e.g. for pasta). Count up timer : shows how much time has passed since starting the timer (e.g. for potatoes). Time saving + efficiency Power Boost function for all zones : boil water faster thanks to 50% more energy than at the highest standard level. PanBoost: heat up pans faster than at the highest standard level while protecting the pan coating. PowerMove with 3 levels: increase or decrease the power level simply by moving the pot forwards or backwards. PowerTransfer: when moving a pot to a different cooking zone, this feature transfers all previous settings to the new zone at the touch of a button. QuickStart function: when switching on, the hob automatically selects the cooking zone with cookware (when placed on a zone whilst the hob is off). ReStart function: in case o

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Width 826
Height 51
Brand Neff
Weight 13


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Neff T68TS6RN0 80cm Flex Induction Hob, TwistPad Fire, 2x Extended Flex, Frying Sensor, Hob-Hood Con

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