Dishwasher Guides, Help and Advice

This page contains some Frequently Asked Questions on dishwashers. If you have any questions simply contact us with your query.

Which dishwasher manufacturer should I choose?

As with washing machines, there is a wide variety of choice, but at first glance it is a little harder to see why some are more expensive than others. Generally, this will be down to the build quality, the number of programmes/temperatures or features.

What dishwasher features should I look for?

The most common dishwasher features in addition to the number of temperatures or programmes will be:

  • Anti-flood systems.
  • Water monitoring for better economy and cleaning.
  • Cutlery tray instead of a basket to improve load capacity.
  • Digital controls.
  • Hidden heater element.

A rule of thumb is generally more features = higher prices. Please note that all dishwashers need a cold water supply and a waste pipe connection.

What size dishwasher should I go for?

There are 3 types:

  • Regular size 60cm wide: about 12 place settings.
  • Slimline 45cm wide: about 8 place settings.
  • Table top: about 4 place settings. Small enough to sit on a kitchen worktop.

TIP: You should always keep the salt and rinse-aid topped up in your dishwasher. The new generations of tablets and powders on the market may already contain these agents, but most manufacturers recommend still keeping salt and rinse aid in the machine.

What are the dishwasher energy ratings?

Dishwashers are measured on 3 fronts: energy usage, washing performance and drying performance, so you will see, for example, 'AAA' or 'ABC' etc. AAA or AAA+ is the best.