A Downdraft Hood Buying Guide.

Downdraft hoods work by rising from the worktop at the touch of a button to sit either alongside or behind a hob. This clever technology is perfect for those who do not want a visible extractor system, as these hoods are only on display when in use. Additionally, they are ideal for those with a smaller well-ventilated kitchen, or who are looking to maximise on space. If you have an island hob, then they are the perfect choice for you, by solving the tricky problem of installing an overhead extractor. They also allow you to have a clear view across the kitchen, so downdraft hoods can provide a huge advantage over other extractors.

Downdraft Hood

The stylist sleek look of these hoods, combined with the innovative design, provides a stand out feature in the kitchen. These appliances bring an interesting element to the home, as well as extracting odours and steam.

One great advantage of these appliances is the noise level is minimal compared to other extractors, allowing you to cook without distraction. This is due to the downdraft blower being situated in either a cabinet below the worktop or in another remote place, which conceals the noise level.

One thing to consider when purchasing a downdraft hood is the design of your kitchen. They can be more difficult to install in a fully built kitchen than the traditional chimney hood, due to the downdraft blower and ducting being situated underneath the worktop, and so are often chosen during the design process. They also may be more expensive to install, due to the method of installation. However, it is often agreed the cost is well worth the advantages the hood brings to your kitchen.

The extraction rate of a downdraft hood is an important element to take into consideration. These items can require greater power, as unlike traditional chimney hoods they do not remove odours and steam upwards but instead draw them down to the cooking surface or out sideways, which requires a more powerful extraction. This enables you to cook with greater ease, as the steam and odour produced by the cooking process are quickly removed rather than obstructing you whilst cooking.

Downdraft Hood

Using these hood can reduce clean up time in the kitchen, because unlike traditional extractors there is no build up on the hood, due to the steam and odour being drawn out downwards or sideways. This prevents the tricking job of cleaning a tall overhead extractor, allowing you to clean up with ease.

This particular extractor is perfect for you if you are looking for a stylish, sleek hood that is a real talking point. Additionally, the reduced noise levels, and saved space and clean-up time with these downdraft hoods, make them both a modern, and efficient appliance, which will revolutionise your kitchen. What more could you ask for!

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