A Glossary To Frequently Used Terms

Appliances Glossary

This page outlines explanations for several terms used when referring to various appliances. If you have any questions on any terms simply contact us with your query.


Built-In Cooker Hoods
Comes in various sizes with different extraction levels and can be used for external ducting or recirculation. Caters for every kitchen, small or large.
Built-In Dishwasher
Can be fully integrated or semi-integrated, coming in slim line (eg. 45cm) up to full size (eg. 60cm).
Built-In Hobs
Integrated gas or electric hobs, ranging from 4 -6 burners.
Built-In Tumble Dryers
Fully integrated - vented or condensed.
Built-In Microwaves
Combination microwaves (includes oven capabilities!) or standard microwaves built inside the housing unit.
Built-In Ovens
Single or double ovens, built under the worktop.
Built-In Refrigeration
Larder fridges or freezers built under or in the worktop with different capacities.
Grease filter
Cartridge or cassette filled with layers of metal mesh, which traps airborne grease. Grease filters are made from metallic materials (typically, anodized aluminum), and do not need to be replaced but are easily removable and dishwasher-safe.
Carbon Filter:
Cartridge or cassette filled with activated charcoal, used to filter contaminants from the air. Required in ductless range hoods, as it will remove other contaminants after airborne grease has been absorbed by grease filters. Carbon filters cannot be washed or cleaned, and should be replaced every few months (depending on amount of cooking). Since the air will be extracted to the outside, the carbon filter is not necessary. Also called: charcoal filter, activated charcoal filter, "black filter", and other variations.


Ceramic Cookers
Slot in electric cookers with ceramic hobs.
Dual Fuel Cookers
Slot in cookers with a mixture of gas and electric fuels. Get the best of both worlds!
Electric Cookers
Slot in electric cookers with solid plates.
Gas Cookers
Freestanding slot in gas cookers.
Eye Level Grill Cookers
Freestanding cookers with grills at the top.
Range Cookers
Large cookers (70cm and above) - for those budding chefs!
Table Top Cookers
Compact cookers (the baby of the family) - compact and includes 2 rings.


Fullsize Dishwashers
Normal freestanding approximately 60cm in width.
Slimline Dishwashers
A cute 45cm in width, these slimline beauties are great for small kitchens.
Tabletop Dishwashers
Worktop dishwashers, compact for those smaller loads (4 place settings).

Laundry - Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers etc.

Compact Dryers
3kg vented dryers.
Condensing Tumble Dryers
No venting required!
Gas Fueled Tumble Dryers
Uses gas connection for use.
Tumble Dryers Non-Reversing
Single tumble dryer (only rotates one way).
Tumble Dryers Reversing
Dual tumble dryer (rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise).
American Laundry
Large washing machines/dryers for those large loads (18lb - 22lb).
Spin Dryers
Pumped or gravity assisted to take excess water from a hand wash.
Washing Machines
Your basic machine that cleans clothes!
Washer Dryers
Washes and dries clothes. Excellent for saving space and can be freestanding or fully integrated.
Compact Washing Machines
Smaller dimensions for small loads.
Top Loading Washing Machines
Full size or slim line - more suited to a laundry room for space to open above the machine.

Refrigeration - Fridges, Fridge Freezers etc.

Chest Freezers
Top opening for large volumes of frozen goods.
Frost Free Freezers
Storing frozen products without the hassles of having to defrost.
Fridge Freezers
Combination of fridge and freezer - either split 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30.
For storing fresh consumables.


Vacuum Cleaners
Formed of upright or cylinder, from your basis size to hepa grade.
Hand Held Cleaners
For use in cars or handy next to the sofa in the living room. Portable and convenient, battery or mains operated.
Steam Cleaners
Sanitises and deodorises - not just for carpets.
Wet and Dry
For washing those carpets and ridding them of dirty grime.

Waste Disposals

Attached to the sink to rid of food and other waste.


Placed behind the cooker to stop your kitchen wall from being covered with grime. Several sizes available - 60cm - 120cm.