Liebherr is a family owned company, founded in 1949 in Germany. With over 70 years of success Liebherr has become synonymous with providing the best equipment needed to build homes and businesses, as well as the appliances within them.
Liebherr is Europe’s largest privately owned manufacturer of Refrigeration appliances, all built with the same ethos as the whole of Liebherr; Building to the highest specification, with the best materials whilst always offering outstanding value for money.
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The All Round Liebherr Difference
See it. Feel it. Taste it.
Liebherr offer many reasons why you should buy one of their refrigeration appliances. From great build quality in the hinges, to A+++ market leading efficiency, to built-in ice makers and BioFresh fridge drawers you will feel the benefit of being a Liebherr appliance owner every day.
Liebherr Fridge Freezers
LB_Category_Image_LiebherrFridge Freezers
Liebherr offer some of the most energy efficient fridge freezers on the market with many offering the best possible energy efficiency ratings A++ and A+++. Many of these models offer features such as BioFresh and NoFrost for the best storage conditions for fresh and frozen food. In the Built-in line up there are products with a built-in ice maker and many of the features found in the Freestanding range. With the use of DuoCooling and PowerCooling the temperature and conditions are guaranteed to ensure the best results from your food.
In the Liebherr Freestanding range there is a choice of widths (55cm, 60cm and 70cm) and heights from 124cm to 201cm. In our Built-in range we have niche heights to suit all kitchen designs. Liebherr, the refrigeration specialists, offer a fridge freezer to suit all households, kitchens and budgets. All come with the world famous Liebherr build quality and reliability.
Liebherr Fridges
Liebherr Freestanding and Built-in fridges are available in a wide range of sizes from under worktop height up to 185cm tall and pretty much everything in-between.
Some models feature BioFresh which maintain the vitamin and mineral content and appetising appearance of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and milk products significantly longer than in a standard fridge.
With safety glass, a door open alarm, multiple shelf heights and digital temperature controls Liebherr fridges are fully loaded with useful features.
All come with the world famous Liebherr build quality and reliability.
Liebherr Freezers
Liebherr freezers are packed with features such as SmartFrost, NoFrost and electronic touch controls and they offer incredible energy efficiency with some models featuring an A+++ rating. Look out for the freezers with the FrostProtect feature as these can be stored in garages and out houses where the ambient temperature can drop as low as -15 °C. With a range of heights from under counter (3 or 4 drawers) up to our 185cm high (8 drawers) and widths from 50cm to 70cm, in Built-in and Freestanding designs, Liebherr offer the widest choice of freezers around to suit all budgets and households.
All freezers are a great mix of build quality, performance and efficiency all underpinned by Liebherr's commitment to manufacturing excellence.
Liebherr Wine Cabinets
LB_Category_Image_LiebherrWine Cabinets
Liebherr wine cabinets are designed with quality of design and function, with you in mind. This stunning range of wine storage solutions preserve your wine at it’s perfect serving temperature in an environment that protects your wine from the potential risks of humidity, sunlight, impure air and even vibrations. For the wine connoisseur Liebherr offer an extensive range of Freestanding and Built-in wine cabinets for both everyday use and long term storage.
Many models offer multiple temperature zones for storing reds, whites and champagnes in the same unit, all at different temperatures in a range of heights from under counter to 193cm high. So if you are serious about your wine then Liebherr wine cabinets are for you.
Liebherr BluPerformance appliances are extremely energy efficient achieving A+++ status through market leading design and technology. This technology also makes the products even quieter in its’ operation. BluPerformance adds a new dimension when it comes to the freshness and quality of food. Featuring premium-quality materials, perfect workmanship down to the finest details, superior convenience, and precise touch-electronic controls, this range of innovative appliances does not compromise in any way. All refrigeration technology is compactly integrated into the base of the appliance, freeing-up far more space for food storage.
Fresh, healthy food provides your body with everything it needs to function, in a natural way. Store your vitamin and mineral-rich foods at the ideal temperature and at the ideal humidity using our patented BioFresh technology, which keeps fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products fresh for much longer than conventional refrigeration technology.
The NoFrost system from Liebherr provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, long-term storage of food. The NoFrost technology creates a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free.
Accurate and independent temperature control of the fridge and freezer compartments is facilitated by DuoCooling: two separately adjustable cooling circuits. There is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartment, so that odours cannot be transferred and the stored food is prevented from drying out.
Compared to other static freezers, Liebherr SmartFrost technology freezes food faster, and reduces ice build-up, making defrosting simpler and quicker. It also provides a more flexible storage area with greater capacity and improved energy consumption for lower running costs.
In order to ensure that some of our appliances operate perfectly even at low ambient temperatures, freezers with SmartFrost technology are designed with FrostProtect which is suitable for low temperatures down to -15 °C. If the ambient temperature falls below +10 °C they continue to work efficiently. Consequently, the appliances can also be placed in unheated rooms, such as in the garage.
All freezers with NoFrost and SmartFrost feature drawers and intervening glass shelves underneath them which can be conveniently removed.This results in VarioSpace – the practical system for extra storage space so that space can be created quickly even for larger frozen food items.
Perfect Wine Storage Solutions
Liebherr wine storage cabinets can be set to the exact temperature required within the range of +5 °C to +20 °C. This ensures that whatever your favourite wine it will be held at the perfect temperature so you can enjoy it at it’s very best.
Liebherr wine storage does so much more than maintain the right temperature, by ensuring the perfect humidity level, harmful UV light is removed, air is filtered and all vibrations are minimised high quality wine can be stored for prolonged periods safely.