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Siemens, part of the BSH group, has been around for more than 160 years and is the largest Europe based electronics and electrical engineering company.

Siemens appliances, being German produced, are made with high precision and quality manufacturing processes. This results in high quality products which are made to last a very long time. In addition their products are very stylish and overall build is very appealing to the eye.

Glotech & Siemens

Glotech are Siemens approved retailers and have a wide selection of free standing and built in appliances displayed in our showrooms.

Our expertise in all things Siemens ensures you get the best service and appliances for your requirements.

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Siemens Freestanding & Built-In Brochures

The fantastic Siemens brochures highlights everything there is about Siemens freestanding and built-in appliances.

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Download Built-In Brochure

Please note: The Brochures are large in size and will take some time to download on slow connections.