Space Saving Compact Appliances

This guide is going to be going over some recommended appliances to buy if your short on space. Anybody with limited kitchen space will be fully aware of trying to maximise every space available, no matter how small it may seem. That's where these space saving appliances come in handy as they allow you to still take advantage of what the appliance has to offer while also allowing you plenty of space which you may normally have to sacrifice. Below you will find a breakdown of each appliance type, along with our handy check list of recommended items at the bottom.

Mini Kitchen

Mini Kitchens

The first one to mention, which is one of the best ways to condense multiple appliances down in to 1 is a mini kitchen. There are multiple different versions of these available but our favourite is the ART315 from Whirlpool. Like most mini kitchens it comes in 2 layouts, one with a left hand sink and one configured with a right hand sink. This appliance manages to fit a fridge (with a small ice box), a sink, storage cupboard space and a 2 burner solid plate hob all in to one unit which measures at 100cm wide x 910cm high x 600cm deep.

The only thing the Whirlpool's don't come with is a tap for the sink, but you can easily and cheaply buy one such as the CDA TC10CH which will fit in.

There are other options available from different manufacturers (such as the Gorenje MK100S) but in our experience the Whirlpools are the perfect combination between convenience, compactness and cost.

Tabletop Cooker

Even though the Belling MK318 is classed as a Mini Kitchen by Belling, it would make more sence to call it a table top cooker. It consists of a conventional electric oven and grill with 2 electric hot plates on top. This is about as compact an appliance as you can get for cooking measuring in at just 59.5w x 33.5h x 38.5d (cm). The oven cavity only has a 28 litre capacity so you can't expect to cook your Christmas dinner in here but chances are if your reading this article you aren't looking to provide for a large festive occasion.

What's even better though, is that the MK318 runs off a 13a fuse, meaning you can just plug it in to a wall socket to get it up and running, so it's positioning in the kitchen is much more flexible.

As with most products listed on this page the MK318 isn't the only available appliance in it's class but it is the one which we recommend.

Tabletop Dishwasher

Bosch SKS60E02GB

Similar to the MK318, you can find tabletop dishwashers such as the Bosch SKS60E02GB and Indesit ICD661UK to be amazing space savers. They're especially popular among students and renting couples as they do save space, but as you can imagine sacrifice the capacity amount you would normally find in a full size dishwasher, generally only having a 6 place setting capacity.

One thing that you may be worried about is that by trading down on the size your also going to be limiting yourself to just 1 simple wash program and that you won't have as much control as you do when your using a full size dishwasher. I can tell you though that that is not the case and they can still be packed with washing features and accessories such as start delay timers, cutlery baskets, anti-flood devices and quick wash settings just to name a few.

If you find that this won't be spacious enough for you, you can also look in to buying a slimline dishwasher. Slimline dishwashers are slimmer than both a normal and a tabletop dishwasher (measuring in at only 45cm wide) but have the same height as a full size dishwasher (standard height of 85cm). They usually come with a capacity of between 8-10 place settings though, which means it is more than enough to cater for a small family or a house full of students.

Washing Machine

Unfortunately with washing machines there is not much available smaller than the standard dimensions, so whenever possible we highly recommend just buying a fullsize washing machine. However if you are struggling for space still, then there is the Candy AQUA100F180. The dimensions for this product are just 70h x 51w x 44d which for a washing machine is tiny (especially when you compare it to a standard size of 85h x 60w x 60d).

The small size does mean you have to compensate with a smaller drum being only 3.5kg capacity, which for a washing machine is fairly small. On the positive side though, it does still manage to have 10 selectable wash programmes giving you plenty of freedom when putting your clothes on a wash.

Combined Appliances

Sometimes instead of 2 separate machines you can buy 1 machine that combines 2 functions, the 2 main examples of these would be washer dryers and fridge freezers.

Fridge Freezer:


With Fridge Freezers there are a couple of options available depending on what space you have and what layout your kitchen area is like. The best option in our opinion though is to buy an undercounter fridge with an ice box such as the CDA FF151. The standard height for these is just between 80-85 cm but are surprisingly spacious given their size. They come in both freestanding and built-in versions so no matter what your kitchen setup is you can be sure to find one you need (if your not sure about the terminology.

Washer Dryer:

A standard washer dryer measures up to be the same size as either a solo washer or dryer (standard size of 60cm wide x 60cm deep x 85cm high) so buying one will in effect reduce the space you need for 2 appliances in half. If you really want to save space and money your best bet would be to just reduce down to a washing machine and then buy a clothes horse or clothes line to dry your clothes, but for those who you though want to make sure they have a tumble dryer to hand but also save space, a washer dryer is exactly what you need.

What about a stacking kit?

If you don't want to have a washer dryer you could instead look in to buying a stacking kit. This won't technically save you any space but it does make the most of your vertical space. A stacking kit essentially is a tool that allows you to safely stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine without damaging either appliance thus utilising the space above a washing machine which may otherwise remain empty. If you're looking for a way to be economic with your space while also having the function and use of both a dedicated washing machine and tumble dryer, this is the perfect way to achieve that.

Take note though, these stacking kits only work on front loading machines, so if you have a washing machine or tumble dryer which it top loading then you won't be able to tack them on top of each other as you won't be able to use the appliance as designed.

Small Appliances

The last thing to take in to account is the small appliances you will be using on a regular basis such as a kettle, toaster and vacuum cleaner. There's such a wide range available for the kettles and toasters and none of them are really much larger than the other so we suggest going for a cheap, well built and matching pair such as the Bosch TWK3A033GB and TAT3A013GB.

For a vacuum cleaner we would say it's best to look at an upright vacuum such as the Zanussi ZAN2000A as when they're not in use they can easily be stored upright in the corner of a room keeping them out of your way.

Make Sure Your Ready With This Check List

In Summary, there's plenty of options and choices available for you to choose from, but the appliances which we have suggested are below. It's worth remembering that these are all choices designed to save as much space as possible and in some instances it may be possible to find a cheaper yet larger appliance:

  • Mini Kitchen – ART315 with a tap
  • Table Top Cooker – Belling MK318
  • Table Top Dishwasher – Bosch SKS60E02GB
  • Washing Machine – Candy AQUA100F180
  • Undercounter Fridge - CDA FF151
  • Toaster - TAT3A013GB
  • Kettle - Bosch TWK3A033GB
  • Vacuum Cleaner - Zanussi ZAN2000A