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Appliance Consultation

Available for kitchen appliance orders of £3000 plus

  • Every member has at least 20 years experience
  • Honest evaluation of your needs and restrictions
  • Research - if there is a perfect fit for your requirements we will locate it
  • Get detailed information on all the latest appliance technology
  • Demonstrations on apliances
  • Customer experience of Steam/Induction/Combination/etc can be arranged
  • All established appliance brands available
  • Competitive quotes given for your models
  • Free of charge - we would like you to buy from us but there is no tie-in

Our Message

People all too often spend months deciding on a kitchen only to then rush the appliance choice. In the kitchen buying process, the appliances are demoted almost to an add-on purchase with the kitchen designer picking the same appliances for almost all their customers.This is wrong at glotech we feel that appliances are as important as the kitchen, you will be using them every day.

You will be pulling them, stuffing them, banging them and working them thousands of times and you need them to provide the best service for your family. A bit of extra time choosing appliances and speaking to the 'right' people can result in your everyday food tasting nicer, more healthy and the whole cooking process being easier, simpler and quicker. Our message is simple: Appliances Are Important, we can't believe that people don't take the choices more seriously.

A well fed family eating healthier food is a happy family. Similarly having cleaner clothes that look new for longer with the process using 40% less energy is good for your wallet and for the environment (and perhaps even at that job interview). We are passionate about this.

Just fill in the enquiry form or phone to arrange either a visit or phone consultation on 020 8492 7575.

Chris Reeves Kitchens Director, St Albans

Meet The Team

Barry Shah

30 Years of experience in appliance sales

Loves vegetables and steam cooking

Christine Guntley

35 Years of experience in appliance sales

Loves home cooked comfort food and anything that makes the cooking experience easier and simpler.

Chris Reeves

20 Years of experience in appliance sales

Loves steak and chicken and induction technology